André França
art world - Berlin

This project seeks to study the facades of art galleries located in important centers of the world art market.

This series investigates the facades of Berlin art galleries, looking at possible relationships between the exterior architecture of the galleries and the way this culture/city relates to art itself, the public and the market, in a symbolic perspective that can be read on the facades of the galleries.

Berlin’s galleries, like London’s, typically have large facades made of glass (either in their entirety or with doors and windows of transparent glass), offering a view from the street of the exhibition area, the works on show, and people working, thereby establishing themselves as friendly and inviting places, where anyone can easily drop in – differently from the experience recorded in New York. In addition, the “transparency” of the Berlin galleries makes the gallery visit much more relaxed and “cool” (both the atmosphere and the experience), and less formal than London.

[See also the series of this project carried out in New York, London and São Paulo.]

This series is the result of an artist residency in Berlin (Dec. 2013 - Jan. 2014),
with sponsorship from the Goethe-Institut Salvador.