André França
art world (NY) - objects

The photographs in this series were made in alternating moments to those in which I made the photos of the art world (NY) series. Since those streets in the Chelsea neighborhood (New York City) contained almost exclusively art galleries, the experience of days of systematic visits to the galleries and of photographing their facades made me see the streets as a space not only adjacent but integral to that universe of art.

After visiting an exhibition, between the exit of a gallery and the entrance to a neighboring one, finding myself again on the street, how my perception and experience of that space and its objects were affected by the visits to the previous exhibitions and the perspective of the visits following? The public space of the street merged with the private exhibition space of the art galleries.

The photos of the series investigate objects as guarding diverse relationships with the field of art. In some we have specific relations with commerce; in others, a critical view of this system is drawn; still others are investigations of the artisticity of objects and spatial configurations found there; others observe elements that seem to erupt from the structure of the controlled discourse of the art world.

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