André França
Call me, love

When we consider the realm of sexuality, the images that most often come to mind involve bodies, clothes (objects glued to bodies) and the ambience of intimate spaces. In this series, a work in progress, the presence of the symbols of sexuality in public urban spaces is investigated. Small- and large-scale objects encountered, textual or graphic messages, buildings, advertising slogans, drawings, waste and remains derived from private places and that emerge as somewhat out of place in the public arena, messages carefully crafted and circulated in order to awaken desires.

As in the internal, psychic realm, sexuality is also repressed in public spaces, and the tentative or erratic manifestations in these spaces of objects that pertain to it give rise to an intermittent and chaotic cycle of approaches which, within the experience of the public arena, consciously sometimes unexpectedly activates this basic dimension of ours.

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