André França


André França is an artist employing photography as a privileged means of reflection; PhD in Visual Arts. Some concepts investigated in photographic series include cultural and symbolic values present in the art world; the representation of women in the media; an intimate view of the existence of objects; free association as a principle behind image order; the affective and aesthetic relationship with aspects of the material dimension of photography.

Lives in Brazil. Since 2003 his work has been shown in individual and collective exhibitions such as the Espaço Pierre Verger da Fotografia Baiana (2016), Salões de Artes Visuais da Bahia (2013), Circuito das Artes (2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2009, 2007), Bienal do Recôncavo (2012, 2010), A Gentil Carioca gallery (Rio de Janeiro, 2009), Goethe-Institut Salvador (2008), Mercado Cultural América Latina (2005). Received special mentions of the jury in the editions of 2010 and 2012 of the Recôncavo Biennial; was selected for portfolio reading promoted by Itaú Cultural (2010); published the photobook "Vanishing" (2013) with financial support received from FUNCEB; held an artist residency in Berlin (Dec/2013 - Jan/2014) with the support of the Goethe-Institut Salvador to produce the series "art world - Berlin".

His photographs are held in private collections in Austria, USA and Brazil and were published in magazines and websites dedicated to contemporary photography, such as Lenscratch (Los Angeles, 2011), 10x15 (Madrid, 2011), Dodge & Burn (New York, 2011), Urbanautica (Treviso, 2011), Unless You Will (Melbourne, 2011), 591 Photography (Stockholm, 2012), art photo index (Santa Fe, 2012),
F-STOP Magazine (Chicago, 2013), OLD (São Paulo, 2013), LensCulture (Paris, 2014) and Saint Lucy [#1 / #2] (Baltimore, 2014).



André França
Lives in Salvador, Brazil.


2023: PhD (Visual Arts), Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.

Photography series / Online solo exhibitions

2019: art world (NY) - objects
2017: Every photograph is this catastrophe
2014: art world - Berlin
2014: Backyard II
2013: Paper Light
2012: Images from the Black Box I
2011: art world - São Paulo
2011: art world - London
2010: Vanishing
2009: Backyard
2009: Chorus of an old song
2009: Sight for sore eyes
2009: art world (NY)
2008: Call me, love
2008: Nightswimming
2008: Dr. Freud's Vacation
2004: The Last Stop
2004: Houses and Time

Solo exhibition

2008: Houses and Time, Goethe-Institut Gallery, Salvador, Brazil.

Group exhibitions

2016: Espaço Pierre Verger da Fotografia Baiana (exposição permanente), Forte Santa Maria, Salvador, Brasil.
2016: Circuito das Artes, Galeria Cañizares, Salvador, Brasil.
2014: Circuito das Artes, Goethe-Institut Gallery, Salvador, Brazil.
2013: Salões de Artes Visuais da Bahia, Centro de Cultura Amélio Amorim, Feira de Santana, Brazil.
2013: Circuito das Artes, Goethe-Institut Gallery, Salvador, Brazil.
2012: XI Bienal do Recôncavo, Centro Cultural Dannemann, São Félix, Brazil.
2012: Circuito das Artes, Aliança Francesa Gallery, Salvador, Brazil.
2010: X Bienal do Recôncavo, Centro Cultural Dannemann, São Félix, Brazil.
2009: Circuito das Artes, Cervantes Institut Gallery, Salvador, Brazil.
2009: Abre Alas 5, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2007: Circuito das Artes, Goethe-Institut Gallery, Salvador, Brazil.
2005: VI Latin American Cultural Market, Galeria da Cidade, Salvador, Brazil.
2003: Four Photographers, Sala de Arte Bahiano, Salvador, Brazil.

Internacional Experience

London (Aug/2015-Jul/2016) - Art and photography studies.
Artist residency in Berlin (Dec 16th, 2013 - Jan 11th, 2014), with the support of Goethe-Institut Salvador, working on the series "art world - Berlin".
Londres (out/2010) - Realização da série "art world - London"
Nova York (dez/2008-jan/2009) - Realização da série "art world (NY)"


2012: FUNCEB grant for book publishing ("Vanishing"), Salvador, Brazil.

Special Mentions

2012: Jury's Special Mention, XI Bienal do Recôncavo, Centro Cultural Dannemann, São Félix, Brazil.
2010: Jury's Special Mention, X Bienal do Recôncavo, Centro Cultural Dannemann, São Félix, Brazil.

Portfolio Review

2010: 2nd Latin American Forum of Photography of São Paulo (Itaú Cultural).


_ Book:

2017: via e-mail - encontro com artistas brasileiros [via email - meeting with Brazilian artists] (Claudius Portugal) [pgs. 144-149, interview and photographs]
2013: Vanishing, July.

_ Online:

2017: Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural, February.
2014: Saint Lucy [#1 / #2], April.
2014: LensCulture, February.
2013: OLD, May.
2013: F-STOP Magazine, February.
2012: art photo index, June.
2012: PMS 485 C, May.
2012: 591 photography, January.
2011: Umbigo das Coisas, December.
2011: Urbanautica, October.
2011: Unless you will, September.
2011: Dodge & Burn (interview), August.
2011: Lenscratch, May.
2011: 10x15, January, 2011 (#23).
2010: Salvador Update website (interview), June.
2009: Revista Muito, A Tarde, August (#70, #71, #72, #73, #74).
2009: Abre Alas 5 catalogue, (A Gentil Carioca), January, 4.
2005: VI Cultural Market catalogue, December, 75.


A Gentil Carioca
PMS 485 C
Dodge & Burn
Claudius Portugal
Instituto Sergio Motta
Salvador Update


2014: Artist talk in "In Focus: Photograph and Contemporary Art", Museum of Modern Art of Bahia - Labfoto/UFBA, Salvador, Brazil.
2012: Artist Talk, "The Gaze of" Project, Cultura Bookstore Theatre, Salvador, Brazil.
2011: Artist Talk, ELAD, Salvador, Brazil.
2011: Artist Talk, II VISIO. Portfolio Show, Saraiva Bookstore, Salvador, Brazil.

Teaching experience

Professor of Photography, Centro Universitário Jorge Amado, Salvador, Brazil (2009-2017).


2023: Time and Conceptual Matrix Contemporary Photography (PhD dissertation)
2014: Sobre a mostra Foto_Critica 2013 [Text in Portuguese]
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